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5o%+1, Will he or won’t he?

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on February 25, 2010
The race for the Republican Primary for Governor has come down to this, will Rick Perry get 50%+1 or will Kay Bailey Hutchison get into a runoff and, like the groundhog, have six more weeks of her political career.

Here’s a prediction…March 2nd will be the end of the road for both Hutchison and Medina. And Jeff Eller of Public Strategies, a public affairs company, agrees:



“It appears with Debra Medina… stalling, he’s going to get those voters and as I think as we look at the race today, he’s on track to break 50% on Tuesday.” He later added that “The contrast between the two campaigns is so stark and different, I think, that for him to get over half the vote in the Metroplex is not that far off.”

If Kay Bailey Hutchison can’t win her own back yard, which it appears likely she won’t, the result will be pure embarassement.

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