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Now the We Texan campaign is counting on non-Texas help?

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on February 24, 2010

Go back to the hours after Debra Medina’s self-inflicted campaign implosion on Glenn Beck and on facebook the chatter was “how dare someone from outside of Texas try to influence what we’re doing here.” Well, when you see the very end (please fast forward to the last few seconds) of this video you learn that Medina is recruiting outsiders to come and do poll watching this weekend. Just as a FYI, by the weekend, the polls are closed this weekend and you would think a candidate/campaign would know this but I digress.

Do we want to see a scene like this next Tuesday? Not to say the blank panthers will be out for Debra Medina, but I’ve outlined that her followers are using scare tactics and their rhetoric is at times very scary.

Now also look at the video at the 8:40 mark and hear Medina talk about a global struggle, that the world is watching her race. For someone who, along with her conspiracy theory followers, are floating the crazy Bilderberg New World Order nonsense…she sounds like someone talking about how suddenly is a Worldly Leader? Disturbing stuff….

Now watch the radicals that follow the Governor around…the title of the video is Rick Perry grabs my camera, which never happens…he sandbags the Governor with these loony questions about Bilderberg. In the second video, he accuses the Governor of being a coward…but notice how polite Rick Perry is in how he treats her. The only one being the coward is the man asking the questions, did he identify himself as a Medina Supporter? Did he try to crash a Perry event? Cowards tend to accuse others of what it is they are themselves. Oh, and did you see the Governor run anywhere?

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