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Wheels Off the Debra Medina Campaign

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on February 23, 2010

If you haven’t heard the latest, Debra Medina is now in trouble with her own base because she is trying to distance herself from her 9/11 truther beliefs because she knows she has no chance of winning if the public believes the truth about her. As I pointed out on my blog post about the link between Medina and the 9/11 truther movement, her base has been these radical fringe people who think George W. Bush and our Government actually conspired to blow up the WTC. When you look at comments her followers make on the comments pages or facebook, you see how they embraced her immediately following her outing on the Glenn Beck radio show.

Well as people started to hear this, her poll numbers tanked. PPP (which I don’t give a whole lot of validity to) showed that of the people who know about her statements, she gets a whopping 7% and those who don’t know have her in the lead at 33%. That is a wide discrepancy that even her campaign can understand. This has led to her backtracking and going on a very sympathetic Mark Davis Show in Dallas, someone who has been helping Medina on the air and behind the scenes with ties to Tea Party leaders, rejecting the truther movement stronger than at any other time.

Enter Alex Jones, who has turned against his protege’ and removed his support. In this clip, you’ll hear the rantings of Jones and he’ll say at the 7:05 mark of the clip “Debra Medina knows full well that a large part of her grassroots supporters who launched her campaign were 9/11 truthers.”

Understand that this guy Jones believes the Government got the underwear bomber intentionally on the plane, that’s at the 6:38 mark when he sais ” We know the underwear bomber was (the Government doing it) We know the government got the underwear bomber on the plane in Amsterdam, that’s confirmed.”

This is a scary day in Texas Politics. One the one hand, Debra Medina used the truther movement to help propel her from obscurity to nearly overtaking a sixteen year veteran of Washington D.C. When it became known, she quickly turned her back on them and they are not happy. It seems her campaign is now even more wheels off than before – and would be a great story for the main stream media to cover but they are going to ignore this for as long as they can. That one statement by Beck was not the whole story, but one would not know it by the lack of coverage out there.

The good news is she will not overtake Hutchison, the bad news is she may peel off enough votes to put Kay in a runoff.

UPDATE: Alex Jones is not letting up and this can only hurt the fringe candiacy of Debra Medina, her supporters are running around in circles not knowing what to do now….

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