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Now we know why the newspapers endorsed KBH, their all for big government politicians

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on February 23, 2010

Kay Bailey Hutchison has been running ads talking about her recent run of endorsements from the newspapers across Texas. After reading an editorial by William McKenzie of the Dallas Morning News, we now know why the 16 year Senator is racking up these endorsements: they like big Government and feel we need to “pony up bucks” to fix everything. Kay couldn’t agree more after voting for federal bailouts, raising debt limits, and increased federal spending.

“We just finished interviewing a long line of candidates for state legislative offices. What jumped out at me was how many Republican incumbents acknowledged that Texas faces serious problems when it comes to financing transportation projects, future water supplies and even promised property tax cuts. But few would take the next step and admit that we must pony up bucks if we plan to untangle gridlock, provide enough water and lower property tax bills. Their lack of courage is no surprise.”

Liberal newspaper editors want elected officials to spend first while Governor Perry is fighting to limit Government, so it’s no wonder they have chosen to endorse Kay Bailey Hutchison instead. It’s right there in writing, they want someone who will spend first and KBH hasn’t met a spending bill she didn’t like. They look to RINO’s as a vision of courage:

“Fortunately, Republican leaders like state Sen. John Carona will tell the truth. The Dallas legislator has courageously proposed a gas tax hike to pay for our road-building needs. And retiring Sen. Kip Averitt has done his part. The Waco lawmaker has tried to get his colleagues to find a way to pay for Texas’s water plan.”

Remember, Carona was leading the charge for new taxes instead of cutting spending. Averitt is known as a big-spender and his no longer being in the State Senate is a good thing for limitng Government spending.

The fundamental point of this editorial is to say the Tea Party movement is at fault for keeping government from growing. It’s a badge of honor amongst us who believe in limited government, which is the cornerstone of Governor Perry’s campaign. Looking liberals in the eye and saying “NO, WE DON’T HAVE TO SPEND ALL THE MONEY,” …. now THAT’S courage.

This Texan is glad we have a Governor who thinks this way, otherwise we might as well call ourselves California.

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