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Medina Truther following needs to be disavowed by Candidate

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on February 21, 2010

Debra Medina is at it again, saying the choice made by the man who flew an airplane into an Austin building is reflective of “the hopelessness many in our society feel,” adding “There is a sense in all of our country that we are not on the right path. That’s why this race is so important.”

That is why her race for Governor is so important, to allow nutty conspiracy theories to continue and to redirect the blame to the Government and away from a man who deserves no defense. The problem with her comments, even when she says “You cannot excuse that kind of behavior,” it gives hope to radicals she continues not do disavow.

Don’t believe me, look at some of the comments of those who follow this radical fringe candidate on the Dallas Morning News Trailblazer blog:

“History will hopefully show this not as an act of cowardice or terrorism, but as the start of our society finally saying enough is enough. Medina was right when she stated that this was an act of an individual that had nothing left to lose. A man that had been beaten down by the very system that we are supposed to have a say in. A system that no longer values the individual, but rather those with the most money. All I can say is too bad he didn’t take out all 199 IRS agents, Let the fight begin!”

Seriously, this guy who goes by Keith is calling for the death of federal employees and telling us all that Medina believes this too…”Medina was right,” he says. Dawn tells the world, ” someone else mentioned innocent people just doing their jobs. I guess those innocent IRS agents had nothing in common with the guards in the Nazi prison camps who were also “innocent people just doing their jobs”. They also were not in themselves “The System”, but only its employees. Putting someone in an oven is not the only means of total destruction of a person.”

This from someone called Mark, “At first I thought Al-Qaeda was bad. But, I thought about why they did 911. I realized that America supports corrupt Saudi monarchy and Al-Qaeda wants to free their citizens from the tyranny. So, even though destroying 2 towers and killing innocent people is bad, I consider them heroes.” Heroes, really Mark? Al-Queda wants to free their citizens from tryanny…wow if he honestly believes this and supports Debra Medina, that says a lot about her candidacy.

Secondarily, it gives the left a chance to paint tea parties with a broad brush, something those who are genuinely upset over the over-reaching government President Obama is pushing a black eye. “Like Medina and the other Tea Partiers, here is a man who never grew up and faced his responsibilities: got caught cheating on his taxes, so instead of accepting the blame, he blames some one else and kills innocent people. That Medina sympathizes with this murderer is telling. If people know some of these sick ‘tea partiers’ and they start to whine, remind them that if they turn to violence they will be dealt like any other criminal. I certainly hope authorities are at these ‘Tea Party’ rallies and taking names. Almost all of these Tea Party people are Republicans who voted for those who have done so much to destroy our economy. Now, like spoiled children, they don’t want to accept responsibility for their terrible judgment.,” says joe I.  Big Al adds, “This was the act of a conservative tea-party terrorist.”

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