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Medina continues to dig deeper hole, demonstrates she is simply a fringe candidate

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on February 12, 2010

While waiting for word on my granbaby, I was thankful the hospital had WiFi and learned more of why Debra Medina is not a legitimate but a fringe candidate – and I am so glad to have helped in the exposing of this radical who claims to be a populist leader.

First, let me say members of tea parties in the Tyler Area have called me and this message summed it up “THANK YOU for helping get the word out about Debra Medina. A bunch of us were getting a lot of heat for not being 100% on board and were looking for a way to get off this train wreck and you gave us that way. I’ve already seen several places where her big signs were at no longer sporting them. We can’t have this lunatic fringe overtake what is a common sense movement of good government – not conspiracy theories.”

I wrote earlier today that it is amazing how the Media supporters are claiming this was a hit job by Glenn Beck. Let’s assume for a brief second that this was planned by her rivals, it wouldn’t have mattered one bit if she had simply answered the question “No Glenn, that’s a ludicrous statement and I cannot distance myself further from those radicals.”  They can do all the planning in the world to set her up but she stepped into it.

Now, she has made the situation worse. Going on with KTRK in Houston, she said “I think the questions I’ve heard asked are how did those buildings fall and I’m not the engineer to know that and I think those are good relevent questions to ask.”  Ok, so her and her folks deny she is a 9/11 truther but then she can’t say they fell because planes loaded with jet fuel brought them down and instead says what truthers ask are “good relevent questions.”

Remember when Rosie O’Donnell said the same thing? Hotair.com visited this issue back in 2007 and accurately labeled her a truther for questioning the collapse of those building – and now Medina is on tape saying the same thing. Folks, this is a pattern and will the Medina Army say that KTRK did a hit job, set her up, etc. to explain away this latest truther statement?

So today, Debra Medina holds a press conference and in the room were campaign staff members acting as reporters. Honestly, if KBH or Rick Perry held a presser and allowed staff members to ask questions – would this not be news? As reported by the Houston Chronicle:

during which some questions were posed by Medina campaign staff seated among reporters

This is simply a campaign that’s not on the same level as Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison, or Bill White…or Kinky Friedman for that matter…and is being led by a radical 9/11 truther who is digging herself a deeper hole each and every day. It’s just a blessing it has come out now instead of later. Soon she will be back to her irrelevancy that she was at before this campaign got started.

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