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Glenn Beck nails it, Medina campaign implodes

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on February 12, 2010

First, thanks to everyone who passed on this blog to people around Texas. I would be very egotistical to think it made its way to Glenn Beck himself, but it is interesting timing that it was just over a day after I was the first to outline the connection between Debra Medina and the truther movement and no one else had really been talking about it…I will not take credit but at the same time I will acknowledge the timing.

I will go into some post-Beck thoughts but I first I have to say my blog will be out of commission for a little bit because I found out Thursday afternoon my daughter was in a car wreck because of the winter storm that hit Dallas. She is ok, but shaken up and her daughter will be in the hospital for a few days and I am trying to get there if I can…the storm hit Tyler too and the roads are not good for travel.

Back to the Medina/Beck episode yesterday. The simple point is Glenn Beck gave Debra Medina a chance to answer the question, in fact gave her two chances really to distance herself from the truther movement. The first mention of it was “there was a theme that ran against you and that is you’re a 9/11 truther” from Beck and a pause for Ms. Medina to answer. If someone had just accused me of being part of that lunatic fringe group and I clearly knew it was a terrorist act against our country…trust me, you would have heard me immediately fire back and say “excuse me Glenn, but that is the furthest thing from the truth and let me tell you why.” That’s not what she did. Instead she said, “The truth is I am an everyday ordinary person.” Not a no but just another canned political speech.

Now many followers of Ms. Medina (just look at her facebook page) want to say she was ambushed by Beck. Glenn Beck, had he wanted to ambush her, could immediately have gone off on her but instead calmly gave her a second chance and again she fumbled it. He was not raising his voice but simply asking a yes or no question, are you or are you not a truther. It’s her response here where she defined herself and in essence ended any chance of being taken seriously or becoming an elected official in Texas by saying “I don’t have all the evidence there Glenn…some very good questions have been raised in that regard…there are some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there so I have not taken a position on that.”

Interestingly, she mentioned in her first response that she was going to “champion people who are going to hold her accountable” – yet she wasn’t even accountable for her own initial statement regarding the truther movement.  Being accountable is not later in the day saying “there is no doubt in my mind that Muslim terrorists flew planes into those buildings on 9/11.  No one can deny that the events on 9/11 were a tragedy for all Americans and especially those families who lost loved ones.” Wait, I thought she told us she hadn’t seen all the evidence so she had not taken a position? Seems the so-called clarification includes a position. So in 8+ years she can’t, but in 2 hours after a “Howard Dean” moment…she can?  She, and her supporters, can say she was sandbagged…but the truth is all she had to do was say no. As Ed Morrissey writes on Hotair.com:

“No, the question wasn’t whether people “have the right to question our government.”  No one is locking up Truthers for asking foolish questions and spinning conspiracy theories.  Play the audio again, and you will hear Beck ask a specific question: do you believe that the government was involved in the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11?  Medina’s answer was “I think some very good questions raised have been raised in that regard.”

If Medina believes that, then she hasn’t paid attention to the answers that have long been in the public domain.  If she doesn’t, then she’s terribly inept at handling media interviews.  Either way, Medina’s responsible for her answers and their implications, not Glenn Beck or anyone else.  Any candidate who thinks that a nutcase conspiracy theory about the US government destroying the WTC is within the realm of reasonable speculation is a candidate that richly deserves the obscurity she will shortly enter.”

Glenn Beck summed it up best when he said “I think I can write her off the list” adding “wow, the fastest way back to four percent.” Certainly her 20+ was the highmark of her political career. For the sake of Texas, let’s hope so.

Now, it’s off to see my granddaughter and pray for her speedy recovery.

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