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Inside the Medina Movement, A Scary Look

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on February 10, 2010

At the beginning of the Medina for Governor movement, I was honestly looking at her and her ideas because people were talking about how real conservative she was.  At first, it was just an interesting read…but as I looked behind the curtain, it was less interesting and much more scary.

In 2006, Hillary Clinton was a lock to be the Democratic Nominee and so no one took Barack Obama seriously – which means he was never vetted by the media. In fact, when you watch the movie Media Malpractice – you see a member of the main stream media admitting to this. We now have a very similar situation with Debra Medina – and her associations are just as dark as Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers were with Obama.

Early on in the Medina Movement, the followers would bring up the topic “Rick Perry is part of the Bilderberg Group and is working for a new world order” topic with Perry supporters in hopes of getting them to switch. Now this obviously would open up anyones eyes and require them to do some research…because this is certainly not part of the mainstream. One of the leaders in this “Bilderberg” conspiracy theories is Alex Jones. Calling Jones a “radio host” by the followers is a stretch when you consider he has virtually no audience. His real audience, though, are those who believe in his nutty conspiracy theories – a main one being that 9/11 was an inside job of both George W. Bush and the Government .

Jones’ tactics are not what one would call gentle. In fact, he’s admitted he was fired from KJFK because he was told to “to stop bashing the Marines.” Not many people look well on bashing the United States Marines. However, the most dramatic evidence is the bullhorning at the World Trade Center ranting that 9/11 was in inside job. His followers would classify it as “guerilla tactics” to justify the rantings of a lunatic.

Many in the Medina Movement are disciples of this libertarian lunacy faction who came up through the Ron Paul Presidential campaign. Remember 2008, every time there was a debate they would flood the on-line polls to justify their existence even though there was no legitimate chance of Paul winning. At events around the country, they would bully event organizers into submission and use “guerilla tactics” to try and get attention. When many of them were asked why they liked Ron Paul — they couldn’t give an answer other than they agree with him that 9/11 was in inside job.

This is important because Debra Medina herself is a disciple of Ron Paul, having worked on his 2008 Campaign, and follows the same libertarian leaning political stances of her mentor. And it is the libertarian/Ron Paul organization that is at work helping Medina and not the conservative grassroots workers in the Republican Party. And the tactics used in 2008 are now in play in 2010. An interesting story from the Houston Libertarian Examiner says a lot. A poll by the Lone Star Times had Perry leading before the Medina team went to work, changing it clearly in her favor:

 “After the poll became fully realized within the perceptual arenas of Medina supporters, the results drastically changed by Tuesday morning. Online poll activity, such as this, seems to reflect the results of U.S. presidential polls, from 2007 and 2008, concerning Congressman Ron Paul; considering many of Medina’s supporters did indeed support Congressman Paul during his presidential race (likely because of Medina’s widely known involvement within his campaign) it seems she has captured some of Paul’s Internet success.”

Ms. Medina has clearly re-stoked the fire of the Ron Paul supporters who were quite unsuccessful in getting him elected as President, or even coming close to winning the GOP nomination for that matter, in order to get them to help Medina in her GOP Gubernatorial primary campaign. They used the same over-the-top tactics in getting her added to the debates. One supporter even went as far as releasing the names of BELO executives (including the wives) and their home addresses adding “let’s go postal” on them. Postal, of course, is widely known when someone goes nuts by showing up the workplace and shooting innocent people – so choosing that phrase was either not smart or intentionally designed to incite violence. More guerilla tactics? They have gone on full frontal assaults of both the Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry facebook fan pages by attacking anyone who dare question Medina while at the same time keeping any negative comments away from Medina’s page. Remind anyone of how Obama’s supporters acted in 2008?

With the recent release of a PPP poll showing she is pulling very close to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, the media has even more reason to talk about Medina now. However, they seeem to be going the same route with her as they did with Obama – not vetting her by discovering more about her background.  Her associations with the Ron Paul brigade and their use of guerilla tactics are something the media needs to wake up to and investigate.  There are clear signs that the movement is not based on rational thought but instead a lunatic fringe group backing Medina. Medina herself was at the forefront of this when she filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Republican Party of Texas after they Paul supporters guerilla tactics didn’t work at the convention. The lawsuit has been since thrown out and Medina ordered to pay court fees.

The media itself actually recognized it is not properly vetting Medina during the second debate. Monitoring the chat of the Austin and Dallas newspaper’s on-line blogs showed where she was getting “softball” questions and her past record of managing the Wharton County GOP (which has been roundly criticized by her officials in the county) has not been properly examined.

When you consider that Ms. Medina has significant ties to the 9/11 truther movement, has a more libertarian than conservative viewpoint, and has a legion of followers who use “guerilla” tactics;” one has to wonder if this not a movement but a coup d’état by a fringe group? It’s the media’s job to investigate, the question is will they?


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