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KBH helping Scott Brown when she helped accelerate Gov’t Run Healthcare?

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on January 16, 2010

I couldn’t believe it when I just got an email in my in box from Kay Bailey Hutchison saying “Help Elect Scott Brown” where she actually says “As you know, I have been fighting the government takeover of health care tooth and nail.” Wow, that dog won’t hunt.

Why? Well, Kay told us she is abandoning the fight against healthcare to concentrate solely on her failing run for Governor plus her vote helped accelerate the process of getting us to the point of being on the brink of government-run healthcare. Consider the following, KBH has said she will not be spending any time in DC now and Brown wins and healthcare comes back into focus (even though it has never really left) what will KBH do? Brown will not be the 41st, he’ll be the 40th because Kay will once again be AWOL from the Senate.

While I agree we need to fight for Scott Brown, I also recognize she hasn’t been in the foxhole with us so her words ring hollow.

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