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For Kay, telling a good story is better than telling the truth

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on January 16, 2010

The first debate has come and gone, and the clear loser was the 16 year Senator whose votes are coming back to show Texans she has a record…one she cannot defend. 

ABORTION: We’ve talked a lot about her vote in 2003 affirming that Roe V. Wade is good law, which now is doing extensive damage to her claim of being a conservative. However, when you go back and look at her history, that vote shouldn’t come as a dsurprise considering the mounds of evidence she has given Texans that she is no social conservative. Thursday, before the debate, the Texas Right to Life sent out an email blast that included a video from 1993 where she clearly says Roe v Wade is working. For those of us who believe in life, we know it is working to do one thing: lead to more innocent babies being killed each and every day. She has also said she is for embryonic stem cell research, which has proven to be junk science compared to adult stem cell research. So on life, she receives an F for failure to believe in it.  

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: There was a heated exchange on whether or not Senator Hutchison is in favor of sanctuary cities and all the comments saying no now carries no weight when you consider her voting record. She voted against an amendment by conservative Senator Tom Coburn (roll call vote #202 in June of 2007) that would have required the enforcement of existing border security and immigration laws and Congressional approval before amnesty can be granted. According to Senator Coburn’s own press release regarding this amendment, the provisions included sanctuary city policies.  

Sen. Hutchison voted against an amendment by Sen. Tom Coburn “to require the enforcement of existing border security and immigration laws and Congressional approval before amnesty can be granted.” (Roll Call vote #202, 6/7/07)  

From Sen. Coburn’s press release regarding the amendment on 6/7/07: “These provisions of existing law include: control over maritime borders, full fencing required by law, integrated alien databases, US-VISIT program, biometric ID system, and ending ‘sanctuary city’ policies.” 

THE $700 BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT: In yet another case of make up things on the fly hoping no one would catch you, the Senator clearly wasn’t on her game when talking about the bailout and offering all kinds of explanations that don’t pass the smell test. First, she says she didn’t vote for but half of the bailout. Problem is, everyone knows it was a $700 billion dollar account that the Government had access to doll out money. In fact, the New York Times has a track of the amount here on their website. So the claim of “voting for half that amount” doesn’t hold up.   

During the course of the part of the debate on the bailout, the question came up of supporting it after telling Texans she was against them. The Senator did, in fact, tell her constituents in op/ed piece entitled “Bailouts Hurt Taxpayers and Set a Dangerous Precedent” on September 19th writing “It is clear that the situation is worsening and will continue to affect the broader economy….With every bailout, each American taxpayer becomes more invested in these markets…Corporate bailouts set a dangerous precedent and stand to negatively impact market dynamics over the long-term. The expectation of a bailout is an incentive for other private financial institutions to ignore risk in the future.” Then, she voted for it. 

Why, well during teh debate she pulled a play from the Obama playbook of blaming President Bush, saying it was the former President’s fault and not hers. She seems to have a lot in common with the liberal President doesn’t she. 

Next it was the “Perry supported it too” claim. Upon further review, this claim doesn’t hold water either. The Senator was referring to a letter that Governor Perry co-authored with the head of the Democratic Governors head that the Austin American Statesman reported their spokesman Brian Namey said was “not an endorsement of any particular plan” on October 3rd of 2008.  In fact, Governor Perry issued a release on the subject saying:  

“In a free market economy, government should not be in the business of using taxpayer dollars to bail out corporate America. Congress needs to take off its partisan gloves and work together to bring both short and long term stability to the credit markets. They need to stop blaming each other and start thinking about solutions that put the taxpayers of this country first.”  

SO, first it was half the bailout she voted for….then she says she didn’t say she was first against it but voted for it…then it was President Bush’s fault…then it was Governor Perry endorsed too…none of which is true.  

ELIMINATING SUPPORT FOR ACORN: This one didn’t garner much attention because of the timing but goes to the point of being out of touch with your own record and actions. It was funny she brought this up because the Senator got into a lot of hot water for skipping a vote to de-fund ACORN because she was holding a fund raiser in Dallas and “monitoring the situation.”  As the Dallas Morning News wrote,  

 “If it wasn’t ACORN, it would have been something else. The fact that the first Senate vote Kay Bailey Hutchison missed since entering the governor’s race happened to be on ACORN — a group Republicans love to hate — was just a bonus….Perry’s team didn’t mention this, but Hutchison has one of the Senate’s worst attendance records this year, skipping 6.7 percent of roll call votes. Only seven colleagues have worse records. And she missed a vote on Tuesday, on yet another issue that is dear to Republicans – involving “earmarked” spending in a transportation bill.”  

I bring up the Dallas Morning News here, because at one point she wanted the audience to know it was the paper of record in attacking Governor Perry. Be sure not to throw stones in glass houses Kay! 

DOES TEXAS GET $0.92 OR $0.70 BACK FOR TRANSPORTATION: “…when I came to congress I fought hard with congressional delegation to get 92 cents and it’s on TxDOT website,” said Senator Hutchison during the debate. Now, to put this in context, it was related to the answer from Governor Perry about accepting some of the federal bailout money – you know the part that didn’t come with messy strings attached designed to force the State to operate as the Federal Government and the Obama Administration would like it to. Texas is a donor state, which means your tax money goes to DC and only a partial amount comes back – so you are subsidising other states with your tax dollars. In trying to explain the donor state and explaining it would be nice for our Senior Senator to fight and get us our own money back, Kay threw this infamous quote back. 

Problem is, like always, she’s wrong. “The state receives only a 70 percent return for highway programs. … For each dollar Texans pay in federal motor fuels taxes, the state has returned to it only 70 cents for highway programs and 8 cents for transit programs” according to the Texas House Research Organization report from February 23, 2009.  And when you go to the TxDOT website as she asks you to, you’ll find “When discretionary funds are counted, Texas gets back 70 cents per dollar for highways per “The Unreliability of Federal Financing” report from February of 2006…adding ” when you subtract the funding that Congress directs towards non-construction purposes in SAFETEA-LU, Texas is left with only $0.30 of every Texas federal dollar to address our true highway expansion needs. A fact that is lost on someone who has been in DC for the last sixteen years who wouldn’t understand the ramifications of her votes on the citizens she is supposed to represent. 

So, as you can see, her rhetoric during the debate doesn’t match her record. As she continues, these points will come back to haunt her and her poll numbers will continue to decline. The question then comes, will she remain in the race or decide to spare the party further damage. Considering she is in this for herself, one can only assume she will continue down a self-serving path of destruction to KBH and the Texas GOP.

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