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Seems the only thing Hutchison has to offer is distortions

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on January 5, 2010

Serious Misrepresentation of the Facts

That’s how the Dallas Morning News puts it when talking about Kay Bailey Hutchison’s attack on Governor Perry on the gasoline tax. Kay’s camp out there trying to make stick that the Governor wants to raise the gas tax…sadly, like most of all that comes out of Kay’s campaign…it’s just not true.

From The Dallas Morning News: BOTTOM LINE: Saying a gas-tax increase would be Perry’s “first order of business” is simply untrue. If it were true, Perry would have tried for one in his decade as governor. Beyond that, none of the statements provided by the Hutchison campaign as support for its claim includes a clear call to raise gasoline taxes. “Accessing every pot of money that is available” doesn’t mean Perry prefers gasoline taxes over tolls or other revenue, as Hutchison suggests.

Sadly, once again the Senator has been caught lying. Soon, her sixteen plus years of being in Washington D.C. will come to a close and she will fade away into the sunset into the scrapheap of Texas politics.

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