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Debra Medina: No, she should not be in the debates

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on January 4, 2010

As a member of the Tea Party movement, I received an email today about Debra Medina’s participating in the upcoming Republican gubernatorial debates with a “call to action” to get KERA to allow her to particiapte. There has been a lot of scuttlebut on the Internet as to why she isn’t allowed, and really that’s the call of KERA. Of course, Medina’s campaign has tried to say the evil Rick Perry campaign has worked for this and even said “see, KBH welcomes her participation.”

Let’s look at this from an intelligent political science standpoint. A friend of mine is a former political science teacher at UT Tyler and he summed it up well for me: is she a viable candidate and there are two ways to tell: Money and Support.

Money, well, she has none. When you go to her filing report from the end of June you’ll see that she had a raised in the neighborhood of $42,000. Yes, for a state wide campaign in one of the most expenseive states in America, she had raised less than $50,000. That will buy her maybe a greensheet ad, maybe.  Except, she  has burned through 2/3rds of that … thus leaving her $15,000 cash to spend. SO, she certainly isn’t a legitimate candidate from a money standpoint.

What about support? None there either. The Rasmussen Poll, the Texas Tribune Poll, and any other poll has failed to show her with anything above 7%. Her own supporters say she would be thrilled to pass 10%. 

So when it comes to both money and support, she has none. That’s not a criticism, that’s a fact. I read with interest the column by Dallas’ Mark Davis, who I get to hear from time to time when he fills in for Rush Limbaugh, and appreciate what he has to say. However, logic dictates that she has zero chance of winning in a battle of Texas’ two biggest modern political icons…especially with zero money for all practical purposes. The new report comes out in a few days to weeks, and we’ll see how much that has changed. If she doesn’t have at least millions of dollars raised, she simply is not a viable candidate.

Now consider this, also, about KBH’s campaign “welcoming her” in the debates…that’s what loosing candidates who do not want to answer questions do. Shift the focus away from them and hope the front runner gets damaged. If she can use Medina to do the attacking instead of her self, Hutchison will have mud on Perry without any dirt on her hands. It’s  a wise strategy, just not an ethical one…and unfortunately the Medina supporters can’t see that.

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