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Kay Bailey Hutchison: Putting Self Ambition ahead of Texas Republican Party

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on December 30, 2009

There is something to be said about one’s own desires and dreams. However, there is also something to be said about leadership and putting the movement ahead your own selfish ambition – something Kay Bailey Hutchison evidently doesn’t understand.

With Kay Bailey Hutchison’s decision to move back to Texas (maybe) and run against an incumbent member of her own party (something no Senator has ever done before), she is hurting the Party she says she represents by taking campaign funds from important Texas House races which in turn hurts us when it comes to redistricting…possibly costing  Texas up to four Congressional seats.

Consider the district to my east, Texas House District 11. Democrat Chuck Hopson won in 2008 by 120 votes…or less than one percent of the vote. The good news is we closed the gap from 2006 and now Hopson has switched over to the GOP. Not all will switch, so more work is to be done in increasing our majority in the Texas House.

This is important because redistricting Congressional districts happens in the Texas House, and we’ve got a razor thin margin there and could use more to ensure those new Congressmen are Republican and not Democrats. Before I talk about the problem for districts like the TX 11th, it’s important to remember that we’ve been down this road before and are all thankful for the leadership provided by Governor Perry.

Turn back the clock to 2003 when for the first time in Texas we had a Republican as Governor in Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, AND Speaker of the Texas House Tom Craddick. While Texas was pretty much a reliable state, you wouldn’t have known from our Congressional Delegation which favored the Democrats. Governor Perry, at a heavy price, understood that and made a point in getting the redistricting reflective of the political makeup of the state…and he should be thanked for that.

This is a very important fact to consider for the die-hard activists like myself around the state because we are on the front lines ever election. We understand how much Governor Perry risked to make sure the Congressional district lines were drawn to truly represent the political landscape of Texas. Under his leadership, calling special sessions to get the work done, we now have more Republicans in the Congress to help battle the liberal socialistic takeover of America. And with more and more people moving to Texas, a thousand a day, we’re set to get four more – which means we need a leader to fight for us again.

During this battle, there was one person who was eerily silent during this whole period: Kay Bailey Hutchison. The only person who seems to not know this is her spokesman Joe Pounder who said “”Because Texas was and still is a Republican state, Senator Hutchison supported redistricting efforts earlier this decade. Before the redistricting effort, Republicans were severely underrepresented in Congress and that needed to be corrected.” Of course, like much of the time this year, Kay was AWOL during this event.

The Dallas Morning News cataloged the AWOL KBH during the process on their trailblazers blog:

Did Hutchison believe – in 2003 – that congressional boundaries in Texas should be redrawn before 2011? She didn’t say publicly at the time. Here’s a typical story from the time:

September 6, 2003, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, by Jack Douglas Jr.
“Hutchison for governor?; GOP senator noncommittal about possible race against Perry”

…Hutchison would not say whether she supports the redistricting push. But the senator said, “I do believe it’s very important for us to keep what has always been a Texas tradition” — cooperation between Republicans and Democrats in office.

Sept. 21, 2003, Dallas Morning News
Staying above the fray; Texas Republicans in Congress back remap but hesitate to take part

…Texas’ U.S. senators, both Republicans, have avoided the fray. Analysts say that makes sense. Any support they offer would risk backlash from independents, minorities and conservative Democrats, and any criticism would alienate fellow Republicans.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison faces an extra complication. Because some Republicans want her to challenge Gov. Rick Perry in 2006, when both face re-election, any statement would be parsed for signs she intends to take him on. She declined to discuss the issue.

Now that you know how important redistricting is, and how silent KBH was during the process last time, you have to ask yourself “Why is Kay Bailey Hutchison taking funds away from people who could be backing the Texas House candidates?” That’s a good question.

When we can win districts like the TX 11th, why is she putting self ambition ahead of the Republican Party? The question gives us the answer: self-ambition and no loyalty to the Republican Party. That is demonstrated in her actions of saying she will never help anyone who would oppose the liberal Diane Feinstein and not working with the GOP Senate Leadership and voting against a filibuster that accelerated Government run healthcare.

So, her single-minded desires will take money away from house races and thus risk losing the redistricting battle to Democrats. Her accusations of Perry hurting the party are both inaccurate and ring hollow. Just another reason why this race is important for the future of Texas.


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