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Got an interesting phone call tonight

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on December 30, 2009

I know I am on several GOP call lists, I’ve got local calls before asking if I was supporting candidate A or candidate B. Tonight, well, it was just a little different.

Someone called the house saying they were calling on behalf of Governor Kay Bailey Hutchison’s campaign…and the first thing that came to mind is, hmmm isn’t Kay Bailey a Senator? Not that big a deal, just awkward.

What was a bigger deal is they start telling me “did you know that Kay did this…” and “did you know that Kay did that…” One that stood out was leading the fight over keeping Texas from having a state income tax. Being involved, I asked the caller “did you know that all the Republicans fought against it, it’s in the platform?” only to get a long pause and a “I’m sorry, well did you know Kay did….” and at that point I knew this was a fishing expedition rather than a call for support. The person calling didn’t seem to be too much into Kay and didn’t know much about the facts…no sense in saying what else she waas created because all that was really created tonight was a good (well bad) case of heartburn.

I bring this up because my son sent me an email today that a blog he follows Rick vs Kay talking about a new internal poll generated by the Perry campaign showed him up 49-36 which mirrors a Rasmussen poll. Worse is those who responded saying they have only seen KBH’s ads picking the Governor by 6 points and those who have seen both have him up by nearly 20. This after Kay outspent Perry three to one.  I guess that vote against the GOP for the filibuster keeping healthcare on the sideline didn’t work out well for her.

My guess is if both campaigns keep working the way they have done so far, meaning Kay continues to have no message and falters and Governor Perry stays on message and keeps his mistake-free campaign moving, that the Governor will win come March. I am sure KBH will surely go negatative (well nuclear compared to the negative campagin run so far) and that will not go over well…meaning she’s in real trouble.

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