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KBH and helping the Democrats with Healthcare

Posted in TX Governor's Race by Texas Conservative on December 23, 2009

Should Healthcare pass the Senate on Christmas Eve, do Texans have a reason to ask Senator Hutchison “WHY?” There has been much discussion about the Department of Defense Appropriations bill that our Senior Senator joined Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins voted to end discussion on…a bill in itself that didn’t give us health care reform…just expedited it. There was a clear strategy by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to stall in hopes the Christmas Break would give Americans another opportunity to voice it’s opinion. With her vote to end debate on Friday night, it kept that strategy from working. Whether or not you believe her explanations (supporting the troops or the 60 votes were there), you have to wonder why she even came close to this. It’s like a punt in football, stay away from the ball as to avoid a fumble. Clearly, Senator Hutchison fumbled and it brought out angry demonstrations across the state. Something her campaign could ill afford.

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